Our newest wireway concept won a First Place in the 2017 Doug Mockett Design competition, and is now under development. Since the award, we've made revisions, and tested 3D-printed PLA prototypes in my home, where Edgetrack receives considerable foot traffic along one side of the path to an outside balcony. After six months, the final version passed with flying colors, and pre-production prototypes are underway at Mockett. This is the second year running that our product concepts have won First Place awards.



A First-Place winner in the 2016 Mockett competition, our Shelfmaker concept has proven more difficult to manufacture than originally imagined. We’ve tried different metals and thicknesses, but have been unable to achieve the necessary strength. And so we’ve redesigned the product by extending the starting strip length, then bend-forming the new brackets starting with the original design's contours, then adding more in-line bends to create the strength. required, while preserving the light, floating effect of the Shelfmaker bracket. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.