My Edgetrack concept won a First Place in the 2017 Doug Mockett Design competition.

Edgetrack provides an unprecedented and convenient way to route wires from different points along rugs or platforms, into a single, protected wireway, which can be increased to any length needed by adding extension sections. The system consists of four components: manifold, extension module, and two end caps. Cables enter Edgetrack at the manifold, and can then be run to any length, in either direction, by adding extension modules. The wire runs are terminated by matching end caps; closed cap on one end, wire exit cap on the other; modules snap together for easy assembly.


The concept for EDGETRACK started with the area rug in my living room. On the rug are two powered, reclining chairs, and a halogen lamp, with three power cords spaced about 18” apart. However, the nearest outlet is six feet away on an adjacent wall, and to reach that outlet, the wires were just looped around the rug edge and tucked underneath. Since the rug borders a frequently-traversed path to our outside balcony, it was often walked on, and over time the cords tended to slide out from under the rug and form large loops, which became trip hazards. Searching for an existing cable manager to solve this problem yielded many choices, but all with the same limitation: cables could only enter the wireway at one end, and exit only at the other end…! There is an industrial wire manager (Panduit) which provides side access, but due to its size and industrial style, it’s unsuitable for this application. There are also sophisticated, elaborate systems designed for commercial flooring, but these were overkill for my needs. And so I invented Edgetrack.


The first prototype was 3D printed in Black ABS plastic, but this design proved to be larger than necessary, and version two, with a smaller-profile, was printed in Burgundy PLA, which also better matched the rug. This version worked perfectly, and is still in use today…!

UPDATE June 2019

Although it won the design competition, Mockett has decided not to produce Edgetrack at this time, concluding that it's too similar to other products in their existing wire management line.