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Edgetrack won a First Place in the 2017 Doug Mockett Design competition.

The Edgetrack system provides an unprecedented and convenient way to route wires from different locations into a single, protected wireway, which is assembled from three components: connection manifolds, run extensions, and end caps; modules snap together for easy assembly. Cables enter the wire runs at the manifolds, which are positioned wherever equipment is located, and are then joined by run extensions, creating wireways of virtually unlimited length; the end caps either provide entry for cables, or terminate the runs. 

The concept for Edgetrack started in my living room, where two power seats and a lamp are spaced about 18” apart, along one side of an area rug, and the nearest outlet is over six feet away on a side wall. This rug just happens to border a frequently-traversed path to our outside balcony, so although the power cords were stuffed underneath the rug for protection, over time, being walked on, they'd always work their way loose and become a trip hazard, besides looking sloppy. So I went looking for a wire manager to clean up this mess, but found...nothing appropriate; all the possible options had the same limitation: cables could only enter at one end, and exit only at the other end. These would not work.

There is an industrial wire manager (Panduit) which provides side access, but due to its size and industrial style, it’s unsuitable for this application; there are also sophisticated, elaborate systems designed for commercial flooring, but these were overkill for my needs. And so I invented Edgetrack.


The first prototypes were 3D printed in Black ABS plastic, and subsequent, slimmer versions were printed in Burgundy PLA, which better matched the rug; the final version, which won the design competition, is still in use today, four years later…! Working from my design files, Mockett was able to 3D print evaluation prototypes as well.

UPDATE June 2019

Although it won the design competition, Mockett has decided not to produce Edgetrack at this time, concluding that it's too similar to other products in their existing wire management line. 

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