For many years, the majority of my design work has been focused on creating consoles and technical furniture for the control rooms and media production suites of radio and television broadcasting facilities. I founded Eastboard Consoles in 1979 to address this developing market, and have served international clients ranging from individual TV stations to national networks, to the Olympics, with project scopes from a single console to multi-room, multi-floor broadcast centers. You can see more of my work at www.eastboard.com. Eastboard is now a division of the A/S Custom Furniture Company. 

Over the last few years, the broadcasting facility model has changed, becoming more centralized, and reducing the need for control rooms at local stations, while at the same time, equipment has become increasingly smaller and more capable, requiring far less operational workspace. These changes, coupled with the work-from-home trend, have reduced the demand for consoles in general, but especially for custom designs, which tend to be more expensive; today’s TV station budgets favor lower-cost technical furniture products. And so I created the RACKBLOCKS Modular Console System, an easily-assembled, highly adaptable set of components for creating workstations of any length, layout, or configuration. RACKBLOCKS is a versatile, quick, cost-effective method for building control room consoles of all types.

The modular, interchangeable components of the RACKBLOCKS system rest securely on aluminum and steel frames, yet can be easily repositioned…tool-free…at any time, even hot-swapped (!), making revising equipment placement or moving entire operator positions easy. The frames feature T-slot tracks for attaching monitor arms and mounts, speaker shelves, lighting, or accessories, and are built in standard sizes which can be combined and reconfigured in many ways. Corner wedge modules allow for building wrap-around configurations, and worksurfaces are easily replaceable, when equipment upgrades require new cutouts and details; these ADA-compliant consoles can even be fully disassembled, and with elements added as needed, be entirely rebuilt to suit new requirements. The RACKBLOCKS Modular Console System has become the predominant method of creating technical furniture for Eastboard Consoles’ clients.