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The newest idea in toaster ovens...since toaster ovens!

ToastBaker was originally conceived as an app-controlled, space-saving kitchen appliance, combining a toaster oven and a toaster into one compact vertical housing. The narrow, deep footprint of ToastBaker occupies half the width of most traditional toaster ovens, freeing valuable countertop space in small- and tiny-house kitchens, Granny suites, or RVs. Of course, even in moderately-sized kitchens, having more countertop space is always welcome! Other envisioned features:

  • infrared and convection heating for fast cooking times

  • app-controlled operation of the toaster oven

  • touch-panel controls with program memory

  • glass oven door with soft-touch handle

  • slide-out wire tray and baking pan 

  • extra-wide toaster slots for bagels

  • energy-efficient components

  • Overall size:          13.0”H (330mm) x 8.0”W (203mm) x 14.5”D (368mm)

  • Oven capacity:       4.5”H (114mm) x 6.25”W (159mm) x 11.0”D ( 279mm)        

The original ToastBaker idea was first sketched out in June of 2016. Modeling and rendering followed, and in October of 2017, the concept was selected from over a hundred entries, and became one of ten products to be developed online, in a new industrial design web series at "". The purpose of the show was to provide an inside look at the process of creating new electronic products, by following the stages of development. During 2018 we recorded four online design consultations with the tinkereng engineering and design team, but unfortunately, the series only lasted that one season. Nevertheless, Toastbaker kept going. I filed a provisional patent application, and continued work on building the first physical prototype, 3D printing all the parts in my studio.


In late 2018, from hundreds of entries, ToastBaker won a coveted shortlist spot in Black & Decker’s product search for new home appliances. Almost, but not this time…ToastBaker wasn’t selected for development. However, as the provisional patent term ended, a utility patent application was submitted in early 2019, with the claims expanded to include a new design variation: a countertop cooking system, consisting of a powered housing with interchangeable cooking modules, which snap into the unit. As good fortune would have it, this has become the predominant claim in the application; as of May 2022, the application is under final examination, prior to awarding the patent. An exciting new kitchen appliance is almost here...!

ToastBaker sketch

First sketch of proposed design.

ToastBaker V1

ToastBaker V1 original design rendering. Shown with proposed full-color TFT touchscreen controls.

ToastBaker V2

ToastBaker V2 redesign due to prohibitively-high cost of large TFT panel shown in V1. Uses small TFT screens and pushbutton controls.

ToastBaker V2 presentation

ToastBaker V2 rendering with final details, showing both toaster and toaster oven in use. Presented in kitchen environment.

TOASTBAKER 3D printing

TOASTBAKER outer shell being 3D-printed in PLA.


TOASTBAKER model assembly underway; outer shell.


TOASTBAKER model assembly underway; interior parts.

TOASTBAKER model assembledng

TOASTBAKER model assembled; shown with door closed, and then open, with a real 6" chicken pot pie (!) in the toaster oven portion.


Rendering of TOASTBAKER V3, modular version, shown with optional cooking elements.

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