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Air Vent Grill - GT Grommet

The GT Grommet concept won First Place in the 1989 Doug Mockett Design Competition. Co-authored with one of my shop employees, this product was designed to fill the need for an attractive, functional, easy-to-install cooling vent for electronic equipment enclosures. Our original concept consisted of a perforated aluminum grill set into a molded, flanged plastic frame, so that the assembly could be installed into a machined cutout without requiring edge finishing. Market research revealed that customers wanted grills of different sizes, and so the first version introduced was a system of extrusions and connectors for building frames of any size. The GT Grommet has since become a very popular item, and is now offered in a variety of styles and colors, in metal, plastic, and wood, in standard and custom sizes. SEE VIDEO. The GT Grommet was licensed to, and is sold by Doug Mockett & Company.


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