The LapLift

The LapLift® was designed to make typing on a portable computer more comfortable, by providing a wrist rest in front of the keyboard, and tilting the display slightly for easier reading. Case design had not yet changed to include a wrist rest, and this device greatly improved the ergonomics, reducing wrist and shoulder strain. The LapLift® was patented in 1993, and we setup short-run production of several thousand units,  for direct and OEM sales. A licensing deal with a major office accessory company fell through, they circumvented the patent, and brought a competitor to market. The LapLift® was later licensed to Doug Mockett Company for manufacturing and sales, but beginning with Apple's Macbooks, laptop designs began incorporated wrist rests, which obsoleted the LapLift®, and it's been out of production for many years. Since the patent has also lapsed, a variations of the original design is now being produced by Levenger.