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Our client’s original idea was an enclosure which could surround a sofa, and provide privacy for work and play, or for occasional guests spending the night; it’s like adding a tiny room to any space. This embodiment illustrates one method of turning the original concept into a believable product. In this approach, two fabric-covered frames expand, accordian-style, from two case halves; when the frames are compressed and folded down, the case halves then fit inside one another, clamshell-style. The closed case can  slide under a bed, or stand out of sight behind a door, making the SofaTent great for dorms, small apartments, and shared houses; it’s also fun for families with children (sleepovers…!). These images show one plausible interpretation of the concept; most of the functional details have been considered, but further engineering will still be required to create a working product. However, our happy, satisfied client (see endorsement) has the renderings necessary to clearly communicate his vision and enhance the presentations he delivers when pursuing that licensing deal.

"Steve was wonderful to work with. I couldn't have asked for a better design. He took a concept and created something imaginative and exiting. I highly recommend him if you are looking to take an idea and turn it into something magnificent." - Brian P

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