I've always appreciated the clean lines of a drawer pull which extends all the way across the top (or bottom) edge of the drawer. There are many different grip profiles available, in both metal and wood, and typically, these are purchased in stock lengths, and then cut to whatever size is required for the cabinetry project at hand. However, after cutting, the individual pulls have rough ends, which require additional finishing to be smooth enough not to jab skin or tear clothes; this is especially true when used on overlay drawers, where the ends are exposed all the time. And so, as much as I enjoy the appearance, due to the amount of finishing handwork required, other drawer pull types usually win out.


Then, while working on a project quote which included thirty-five identical 2-drawer file pedestals, inspiration struck. Continuous drawer pulls would have looked terrific, but the amount of end finishing required was too costly, and as usual, another type of pull was selected. However, I took a sidebar and designed GripRail, a continuous drawer pull system consisting of an extrusion with fitted end caps which cover the rough-cut ends, with no finishing labor required. The extrusion shape also addresses another shortcoming of most continuous pull designs, which is that thay can only be grasped from underneath. GripRail is grasped with a pinching motion between thumb and forefinger, so it’s easier to grab, and friendly to long fingernails.


So I drew and rendered the concept, and pitched the idea to Doug Mockett; they liked and licensed the idea immediately. Then we began a breakthrough design process. Mockett had just gotten their first 3D printer, and working from my CAD files, they printed the first prototypes, and sent me samples for evaluation…! Very exciting. And the very next week I got my first 3D printer, and then we both prototyped and refined the design, until it was ready for production. This was the first time one of my designs was 3D printed, and remains an amazing, thrilling design and production milestone. GripRail has been in production ever since.