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Steve Goldberg Enterprise Designs is my invention lab and creation station, encompassing my entire scope of works, from continuing as technical furniture designer with the company I founded, Eastboard Consoles (now a division of A/S Custom Furniture), to the creation, development and licensing of my independent product concepts. I also provide design, visualization and prototyping services for clients, using FDM 3D printing in ABS, PLA, and PETG.    


I've always been drawing, making or designing something, from cars (I was about 14 when I drew that one...) to ray guns to rockets and the control rooms that launch them. My interests are diverse and my experience equally so. In my teens, I'd won national awards for photography and scratchbuilt car models, with working suspension and steering. After college, I worked as a chemist on a university research team, searching for a breakthrough in creating room-temperature superconductors. I lived in a loft, with a photo studio and darkroom, and a woodworking shop downstairs. I was a photojournalist and did advertising photography. I printed my own Cibachromes,.and made glass-plate holograms. I invented a specialized camera handgrip, and machined the prototypes from aluminum and Delrin. For a jewelry manufacturer, I designed and prototyped some of the first flashing LED pendants from plexiglas. I designed and built wood and acrylic sculptural furniture in my shop, exhibited at juried art shows, and took commissions. I enjoyed combining different materials and learning the best tooling for each. I learned to use a lathe and a Bridgeport milling machine, built jigs and heaters to bend large plexiglas sheets into furniture. For fun, I raced my Toyota MR2 in autocross competitions.

Then I helped a friend build a radio studio desk that he had designed, and Eastboard Consoles was established. That friend moved on, but designing and building consoles and technical furniture for broadcasting industry became my career. Creating workstations which generated an environment of calm efficiency became my creative focus. Over the next twenty-five years, I built a business which created over ten million dollars' worth of consoles for clients worldwide. In 2005, we were acquired by a larger furniture company, and I've remained chief designer of the new division. We're still producing our iconic brands of consoles and control room furniture for clients worldwide.

New product ideas always occur to me to make work easier. For our consoles, working with our cabinetmakers, we designed an air vent grill for cabinetry ventilation, and entered a new product competition. We won, and the Air Vent Grill went on sale nationally. It became a best-seller and we both earned royalties. Two of my wire management product ideas were licensed for production during the next few years. I invented and patented the LapLift, an ergonomic, sloped wrist rest platform for portable computers, and built a small production line. We produced and sold several thousand units, and nearly reached a licensing deal, but as laptop case design changed to include wrist rests, the LapLift was obsoleted. For fun, I took things up a notch, retired the MR2, bought an Audi TT, and learned to drive on the racetrack.

In the early 2000s, when including full-color renderings of proposed control room designs with proposals became standard practice in the industry, that meant learning to generate photorealistic views of console projects; creating these images is now one of my favorite pursuits. I entered some of my images in Lightwork Design's international competitions, and was awarded three consecutive honorable mentions. The 3D modeling software I use, TurboCAD, licensed several of my renderings for use in their own advertising. My of my product concepts won consecutive First Place awards in the yearly Doug Mockett Design Competition; the EdgeTrack wire manager system in 2017, and Shelfmaker bracket system in 2018.

My intention is to reduce planetary stress levels by creating surprisingly simple, necessary things which make life easier and more comfortable for as many people as possible. I'm married to a creative woman who shares my enthusiasm for invention, and she's my partner in SGEDESIGNS. We've been together and worked together for over thirty years, and she brought me a sensational stepdaughter.

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