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Our client had a “3D napkin sketch” of his new utility knife concept, and we were contracted to design a believable, buildable model, and prepare detailed renderings for a product pitch. We developed a schematic, idealized version of this tool and its necessary mechanical elements, and produced a series of renderings to illustrate the basic principles embodied in the design.

Further iterations, and more design and engineering would be required before manufacturing, but this is industrial design stage one, creating a digital model based on real-world constraints, showing a plausible, realistic product, with functional elements and components accounted for and illustrated, though not necessarily functional. On this project, the model geometry was sufficiently complete that for hands-on evaluation of the form, parts could be 3D printed, and a physical model assembled. Our client was very pleased with the results, and sent us a wonderful endorsement (see below).

Our client says: "After trying my hand at illustrating this idea, I felt there was definitely a need for better concept drawings, and after discussing my needs with Steve, I was clear that he had the ability to really help me make this idea more of a reality, so I signed on with him, and we really began the process of working through the whys, whats, and hows of my invention. I really appreciated Steve’s input and advice, which really helped me home in on exactly what I was envisioning, and how to go about socializing my idea around. In fact, the design turned out better than I initially imagined. Steve produced some amazing 3D models which truly gave me a real look at what the finished product might look like. If not for this collaboration, and the experience Steve brought to the table, I really do not think I would have had such a polished vision.  When you are looking for a resource to create a 3D model of your invention idea I would strongly recommend giving Steve a try.  I’m very glad I did. -MB"

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