Clipper Gripper

Has this ever happened to you? You're running cables to your equipment, or for a customer, through grommets cut into the counter, when you come across a bulky power transformer (or two) that doesn't fit through the grommet? And you have to crawl under the desk and feed cables upwards, pushing through what you think is enough wire to hold up there until you get up? Then you let go, and the cables fall back down in your face? Sound familiar?


For me, there was one time too many. So I added a small clip to the inside face of a grommet, where wires could be temporarily, securely held in place. The plug end of your troublesome cable could simply be hung on the clip, waiting for easy retrieval. The design was even based upon one of Doug Mockett's standard-line grommets, for ease of implementing and manufacturing the new feature. The concept pitch was an immediately winner, the design went into production exactly as modeled, and it's been a successful product ever since. The Clipper Gripper is now available in five colors: EDPCG1