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Clipper Gripper

Designed to eliminate one of life’s little frustrations, the Clipper Gripper adds a small clip to the inside of a standard 2½” cable grommet, for holding cable ends when passing cables upwards, from below a desk, while working alone and wiring equipment on the surface. This has probably happened to you: your new gizmo has a bulky power transformer which doesn’t fit downwards through the wire grommet, and so you crawl under the desk and feed the cable upwards from below. You push enough length (you’re sure...!) up through the grommet, so the cable will stay put until you stand up to retrieve it. But when you let go…the cable falls back down on your face…! For me, this happened one time too many.


So based on the most popular grommet size (2½” diameter), I designed a new grommet liner with a molded-in retainer clip, to securely hold that misbehaving cable end until I'm ready to retrieve it...! Nothing could be simpler - the end connector of your cable hangs on the clip, and it’s always there when you stand up. And by changing only the liner, any of the standard caps can still be used. 


The concept pitch was an immediate go, and the design was licensed to Doug Mockett & Company. 

Clipper Gripper is currently in production, and available in five colors.




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