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SGEDESIGNS provides 3D modeling and rendering services for clients who wish to use this powerful and effective means to illustrate and communicate new product ideas and concepts for presentation, evaluation or publication.


Building 3D models and creating impactful, believable photorealistic renderings is much more than making pretty pictures. The designs must address the necessary mechanical and structural details, even if those details are not yet fully engineered. The physical shape of the product, the type(s) of materials used, and the surface finish must also be determined in order to create the renderings. For instance, a flexible coupling might be shown in the CAD model, without the unseen functional elements being shown in the rendering; but the part would have real-world exterior dimensions. 

Even for simple products with few mechanical attributes, this is intensive, time-consuming work. Many fundamental design and manufacturing parameters must be established, like size and strength, wall thicknesses, hardware and assembly components and methods, user ergonomics...all of these considerations impact the final form. The initial industrial design of the product actually takes place when creating detailed 3D models.

Iconic designer Charles Eames put it this way, "The details are not the details. They make the design."


Our fees are determined on a negotiated basis, and generally consist of an advance retainer, production fees, plus an ongoing royalty share in the product's future, and will vary depending upon source material and project complexity. We'll determine and agree upon all fees when we discuss your project, and then execute a signed agreement to begin working together. See a copy of the AGREEMENT


To schedule a conversation about modeling and rendering services

for your next project, please respond using the site's CONTACT form.  .

Once we've signed a contract to work together, at your request,

I’ll be happy to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement

Your idea is confidential, and will only be shared by written permission.

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