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I’m an industrial designer with significant product development experience. While specializing in the design of television studio consoles and control rooms, I’ve invented, patented, and licensed numerous concepts, and gained expertise in the various aspects of developing ideas into marketable products. I'm offering 3D modeling and rendering services at reduced rates to support the Quirky community*. I'll provide the models and renders required for your submittal, and contribute wherever possible. Having me join your project team to develop designs requires two things:

First, we'll need a contract.   


“Wait, what...??” I understand that signing a contract may seen extreme, premature, and much too complicated at this stage of the game. But consider this: if your idea does become that next “million-dollar product”, it could easily expand beyond Quirky, and once those large royalty checks start arriving, a contract will protect us both.Having an agreement now which clearly defines our positions and what we can expect of one another in the future will be critical. I’ve kept the conditions as simple as possible, while still covering all foreseen contingencies. Review a copy here - AGREEMENT.

The second condition is an advance retainer fee, which establishes your project's start date and timeline. For the QUIRKY community only, there are no further fees, just a one-time flat fee and Influence (or royalty) share.

  • Projects are scheduled on a first-come/first-served basis

  • Completion of designs and renderings generally requires 60-90 days


   One-time flat fee of $144

9% Quirky Influence (or share of royalty)

* SGEDESIGNSinc is not affiliated with, nor an agent of, We are an independent design firm.

If you'd like to proceed, please use our contact form:

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